Representative Cases

Carabell v United States Army Corps of Eng’rs, 547 U.S. 715 (2006)

Wrote the winning petition for certiorari and merits briefs in this United States Supreme Court case, which changed the interpretation of the Clean Water Act.

Prentis Family Foundation v. Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Inst., 266 Mich. App. 39 (2005)

Wrote merits briefs and argued for charitable trust in a case that established new Michigan law regarding standing to enforce terms of charitable trusts.

Benejam v Detroit Tigers, Inc., 246 Mich. App. 645 (2001)

Wrote winning merits briefs in a case establishing a new rule of premises liability law, which limited the duties of sports arena owners to protect spectators from objects leaving the field of play.

Zine v. Chrysler Corp., 236 Mich. App. 261 (1999)

Wrote winning merits brief that persuaded the Michigan Court of Appeals to reverse existing precedent and adopt a different interpretation of the procedural rules governing class actions under the Michigan Consumer Protection Act.